Throughout December, the whole world prepares to celebrate parties of all kinds.In the United States, Thanksgiving marked the beginning of the festive season. In other Latin American countries, more inclined towards Catholic traditions, the first days of December celebrate the day of the Virgin, for example. You will know well what are the parties that are celebrated without fail in your country during this time. And you will also know that many of them are a good excuse to get together with family and friends and also, to eat.

There is no doubt that food plays a leading role throughout this season and that is when you begin to feel that you are facing a challenge: how not to gain weight during the holidays?

There are several things you can do:

1. How about changing the focus of the meetings? Instead of turning around food, you can use your creativity and do different activities: for example, afternoon crafts with your friends, decorating the house of a relative in turn, go for a walk to see the lights of the city, make snowmen (if you are in a place where snow falls) or make inns and danceable novenas (say the ninth and then dance ). Or whatever you can think of! Test your imagination.

2. Be realistic. Do not intend to lose weight in this time. Think that a few days should not sabotage all the effort you have made during the year to maintain a healthy weight. Try to focus your energies on, at least, maintain your weight .

3. If you make a dinner, think of healthy dishes. There are many options that involve fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains . Festivities should not be synonymous with fats and sweets. Give yourself a book of healthy recipes and put them into practice.

4. If you are invited to parties, try not to go hungry. Eat well during the day so that you do not arrive at your family or friends’ house with too much appetite and you overdo it.

5. The key is in the portions . You can eat everything, but little.

6. Do not neglect the drinks . Alcohol and other typical Christmas drinks add calories you do not need. Take in moderation.

7. After a dinner or lunch, go for a walk . Do not neglect exercise during this time, that will help you feel better and maintain your weight.

If you give yourself a taste, do not feel guilty. The important thing is to balance. I hope you prepare to have a healthy, nutritious and fun party in the company of everyone you love. Remember, it’s not about food, it’s about being surrounded by your loved ones.


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