Have you finally decided to start an exercise program? Congratulations! To get the most out of it, follow these recommendations, they will help you achieve your goals.

Whether you go to a gym or exercise at home on your own, physical activity is one of the requirements to maintain good physical and mental health . So if you have not started an exercise program yet, it’s time to start it. These tips can help you to make your exercises more effective.

 1. Visit your doctor. The first step, which you should consider when starting an exercise program, is to evaluate your physical condition. This is always important, but especially if you are over 45 or if you have a health problem . Your doctor can tell you what exercises you can do, which ones to avoid and which ones are more convenient for your age and physical condition.

2. Choose something that you like and that suits you. An activity that you enjoy (be it swimming, lifting weights or cycling or aerobic movements), will be one more motivation, and in this way doing exercises will not become a heavy task. Another thing: within your possibilities, select an activity that is convenient for you. If, for example, you love climbing rocks but you live in the middle of a big city, you will hardly have the chance to do it with the regularity necessary.

3. Set realistic goals.   Do not set goals too high, that are almost impossible to meet . Decide first what you want to achieve with the exercise, and set goals both short and long term, which are also realistic, clear and precise. For example: If you can not jog for half an hour, try for the moment to walk at least 15 minutes a day, and slowly increase the time and intensity of the walk.

4. Start little by little . One of the most frequent mistakes is to start the exercises too intensely, thinking that instant results are achieved. It is not like this. If your body is not used to intense exercise, you probably get exhausted before your time or hurt your muscles. As a result, you are likely to become discouraged and leave the program. What you should do is: start slowly. The idea is to gradually increase the intensity and make the exercises a habit for life.

5. Be constant. One of the secrets for the exercises to work is perseverance. You’re welcome to sweat a day on the mat or jog another day almost to exhaustion if you do it only once in a while. Look for a regular program according to your needs and follow it.

6. Keep in mind your biological clock. To achieve the best result, try to practice your routine in the hours when your body has more energy . For example, if you are a day person, try to do your exercises early in the morning; If you are a night person, and your energy grows as the day goes on, plan your physical activities for the evening or night.

7. Adapt the exercise plan to your life. It is important that your exercise program does not interfere with the usual activities of your daily life. If you do not do it that way, it is most likely that you do not comply with it regularly, or that you end up abandoning it.

8. Exercise in company. Do the exercises bore you and unconsciously seek a pretext for not doing them? Think of a family member or friend who has similar goals, and invite him or her to accompany you. That way they encourage each other, and the exercises are more fun. 

One warning: even if you follow your exercise program faithfully, you may have ups and downs, failures and victories. The whole world happens. The important thing is that you do not get discouraged and, above all, that you do not abandon the exercises . If you have patience and continue with the program, in the end you will achieve the results you want.


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