If you thought that babies only begin to understand the language after birth, you will be surprised to know that it is not like that. Babies recognize their mother’s language from before birth, in the womb, after six months of gestation. A new study published in the journal “Acta Pediátrica” ​​talks about this wonderful finding.

If you are pregnant, it is natural that you establish a communication with your baby. Talking to you, singing to you, telling stories are part of your love shows and a way of relating to that new being since it begins to form within you. But beyond being a sign of affection and establishing a bond, it has now been scientifically demonstrated that the brain of babies of just over six months of gestation starts to develop language.

According to the authors of the study, researchers from the Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington, are the mothers who play the primary role in the development of the child’s brain. The sound of the vowels is the most striking for these pregnant babies and they cling to them. Only hours after birth, babies clearly demonstrate that they recognize their mother’s language.

The study was conducted with Swedish and American babies 30 hours after birth. The babies heard the sound of the vowels both in the native language of their mother, and in foreign languages. While in the nursery, they were given a pacifier that was connected to a computer so they could measure how much they sucked the pacifier when they heard a familiar or foreign sound.

The researchers established that sucking more or less time was the indicator that babies could differentiate familiar, from others’ sounds. That is, those who had heard in the womb of the completely new.

Babies sucked longer by listening to strange sounds for them. When they listened to the mother tongue, they clung less to the pacifier, as if it gave them a sense of security. This was found in both Swedish babies listening to Swedish, and American babies listening to English.

The authors of the study highlighted this finding because it allows us to examine the way babies learn in order to deepen their learning in all stages of life. In addition, this is a sign that babies are the best disciples in the world. From the six months of gestation they already listen and understand. Is not it wonderful?

But do not think they listen to everyone. The researchers clarified something that attracts attention: babies do not recognize the father’s voice when they are in the womb and only begin to recognize it 3 weeks after they were born. Only the voice of the mother is familiar to them. This makes me think that this is why the language we learn first is called “mother tongue”.


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