Ideally, all teenagers should practice sports, enjoy outdoor life and receive a healthy and balanced diet, instead of sitting for hours to entertain themselves with video games, social networks, videos, movies and television series , eating pizza or french fries The studies, in general, show an unencouraging picture for adolescents who are in high school: they eat poorly and exercise less. And your children, do they also belong to that majority at risk?

Time passes and customs change. From playing in the park, now it is played by mobile or computer . Of the meals made at home, it is opting more and more for fast food . Ask yourself: what are my children’s favorite drinks? Do they exercise every day? How many hours do they spend in  front of a screen , be it from the television, the PC (computer or computer) or mobile devices? Changes, which are inevitable, often mean progress, but at other times – it must be acknowledged – they have brought harmful consequences.

In a society where there are many fast food shops and sweets, in which the screens have become one of the main areas around which life revolves, since they function as means of communication, entertainment and even for resolving obligations and responsibilities, such as school tasks, it is difficult to combat a condition that could be avoided but that, nevertheless, puts the lives of many young people and many adults at risk: sedentary lifestyle, since it is associated with the obesity.

Eliminating those kilograms or extra pounds is not just a matter of image. On the contrary, that could be the last objective in front of the health problems that this condition can cause, such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, among others. And while all these conditions are often “silent”, that is, they are noticed until a complication appears, with certain relatively simple changes you can reduce the chances of your children getting sick and improving their quality of life.

A recent analysis by specialists from Loughborough University in England, which compared 53 studies around the world on sedentary behavior and diet, found an obvious link between the time that children, adolescents and adults spend in front of the screen and poor power.

They detected that watching television is strongly associated with the consumption of fast food and energy drinks , and with a low consumption of fruits and vegetables . According to the researchers, this is because viewers are not only exposed to advertisements that can influence the type of food they want , but also because this medium acts as a distraction and reduces attention to what is actually eaten.

This situation becomes even worse if other harmful habits are considered, such as smoking . A research developed by medical professionals at the Huelva-Centro health center, located in the Huelva-Costa Primary Care District, in Spain, demonstrates an association between smoking, eating habits and bad lifestyle habits. In detail, of a total of 1,274 high school students in the province of Huelva who were surveyed, 13.9 percent smoked, something that increased with age and sex: girls tended to smoke more than boys.

Regarding food and lifestyles, this research revealed that smoking and alcoholism have a strong connection and that, while in the male sector smoking is linked to the excessive consumption of hamburgers, sausages, sausages, fried foods and pastries industrial, in the case of women it decreases when they practice physical exercise.

Across the ocean, studies also echo poor health habits among adolescents. Several analyzes carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States, determined that high school students drink too many high-calorie soft drinks , and do not exercise much .

The CDC advises young people to participate, at least, one hour of aerobic exercise per day, in addition to a minimum of three hours of an activity that strengthens the muscles every week. However, only a little more than 15 percent of the participants met the aerobic goals, half with the goal of muscle strengthening and 12.2 percent with both recommendations.

These figures are the result of an anonymous survey conducted by researchers of that organization, conducted in 2010 among nearly 11,500 students of both sexes, from ninth to twelfth grade, both in public schools and private schools, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The study authors were not surprised by the results of the survey, since unfortunately, physical activity is no longer a daily requirement in most schools in the United States, and students who participate in a sport do not practice it during all year. They concluded that parents should try to encourage healthy habits in their children long before they reach adolescence, so that these habits last throughout their lives.

And your teenage children, are part of this trend? It is true that it can be difficult to change customs, especially when it comes to delicious things and entertaining activities. However, it is a matter of the animes to try new healthier flavors and discover that putting the body in motion can even be more fun than spending hours sitting in front of a screen. Cheer them up! They have nothing to lose and much to gain, not only in fun but also in health, self-esteem and could even improve their mood.


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