Are you one of those who wake up with energy and ready to take action? If so, a good idea is to add an exercise routine to get up, and here we tell you how to do it. If on the contrary you are one of those who need more time to leave the sheets, do not let that be your excuse for not exercising. It may be a bit difficult for you to take the initiative, but a little activity can encourage you and give you more energy to face the day that starts. It is not so difficult! Keep reading and discover how to start.

Do you wonder why you would do exercises when you wake up if in truth what you most want is to continue sleeping? The rest it is important to maintain good health , but so is physical activity, and start your day with exercises . It helps you stretch your muscles and gives you an explosion of energy and good humor, which will then accompany you throughout the day.

The good news is that you do not need to run to the gym or make a physical effort to achieve it. What is recommended is that you establish a routine in which you combine different types of exercises, and that you do them little by little and with peace of mind. This is enough to start.

An alternative that is always welcome are the hikes : you do not need equipment or big investments, just comfortable shoes and choose the place where you will go, which can be very close to your home. Even if you have a pet, you may find in it an ideal companion to go a few blocks before preparing to go to work.

Many people minimize the walks or do not consider them as an exercise. However, it is an aerobic activity that can provide you with many benefits: it implies few possibilities of injury, it helps to stretch the muscles, it is good for the heart and there are even studies that affirm that it helps to strengthen the immune system (the system of defenses to combat infections).

Of course if you go very slow and you stop to see the offer of each business that crosses your sight, it may not be very helpful. But you can turn your walks into real exercise sessions , which, when performed early in the morning, help you clear your mind and be better prepared to start your day.

Another gentle alternative that can help you maintain flexibility and feel good during the day is yoga . It does not matter if you are male or female. Taking morning classes from this ancient millennial practice helps you lubricate your joints, stretch and tone your muscles, and prepare your body for a more vigorous aerobic activity. In addition, it is good for combating chronic pain , encourages the ability to concentrate and reduces stress.

Once you know the movements and are accustomed to the yoga positions, you can practice it yourself at home, either alone or with the help of an instructional video.

Finally, adding strength or endurance exercises can be one of the most beneficial parts of your morning exercise routine. In that case, you can add some weight to your movements in your home, such as lifting weights or dumbbells, stretching an elastic band that exerts a bit of resistance or even practicing balance poses that involve supporting and maintaining your own body weight. Another possibility is that you put some weight on your legs or arms while doing your daily walk.

Do you still think that adding exercises in the morning is an impossible mission? Remember that you should always start slowly and not demand more of the account, to avoid injuries that can be avoided. Learn to recognize the signals your body sends you and add more intensity gradually, as your physical condition improves.


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