If you love the idea of ​​not having to do the manicure and pedicure each week, you may have already tried the gel enamels. They last two to three weeks and do not fall off when you wash the dishes, but using them in excess can cause major health problems, including skin cancer.

If you are a very busy woman, mother of family and executive, it is very likely that the time to go to the salon to fix your nails professionally , will be increasingly limited. The manicure and the pedicure, also known as manicures and pedicures, is ultimately a luxury of time in these times of rapid life.

For that same reason, many women find it convenient to fix their nails with gel enamels, which last between two and three weeks. These enamels also dry quickly thanks to the help of an ultraviolet (UV) lamp. The drawback is that to remove gel enamels, it is necessary to immerse the nails in acetone for 10 to 15 minutes as it is very difficult to remove them. But, submerging the nails, cuticles and fingers in acetone for so long is not healthy, especially if it is done frequently.

A few dermatologists from the American Society of Dermatology are also concerned about the rise of gel enamels. In a recent statement, they warn about the risks of making nails with these enamels. “The nails are dried and broken, and the risk of developing skin cancer is increased to the extent that it is done frequently.” The latter is because a lamp with UV light is used to “cure” the gel, which is a risk factor for developing nail melanoma , a type of skin cancer that is difficult to treat.

Of course, doing a manicure or gel pedicure sporadically will not give you cancer, but as always, you should do it in moderation. In addition, several women agree that although the color in the nails lasts longer, when removed, they feel weak and brittle .

If you decide to do manicure with gel, keep in mind the following tips so that you do not put your vanity before your health:

  • Do manicures with gel occasionally to allow your nails to grow and have time to heal.
  • When you do manicure with gel, put in your hands a broad spectrum sunscreen to reduce the risk of damage caused by exposure to UV light during the process of “healing” the gel enamel.
  • Instruct the manicurist not to touch the cuticle, as this can increase the risk of infection and inflammation. In addition, this helps the nails to dry out.
  • When you are going to remove the enamel do not dip your fingers or hands in the chemical. Only the nails, what is strictly necessary.
  • Hydrate your nails several times during the day with a moisturizing cream to prevent them from drying and cracking.

If you notice changes in your nails (changes that you did not have before, out of the ordinary) or have any discomfort in your nails or around you, consult a dermatologist. Remember that your health is more important than vanity. If you want to show beautiful nails , you can do it using traditional enamel, which is less harmful. And you can do it in the color you want.


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