Cavities and gum diseases are the main causes of a toothache (or tooth), but not the only ones. Did you know that they can also hurt you because of sinusitis? Here we give you the details.

There are few things as annoying and painful as a toothache  (the name given in general to the pain of any tooth in the mouth and that is not limited only to the molars). Bad dental hygiene can lead to the development of caries , which when they are very deep to be very advanced, can even cause abscesses  when they affect the root of the tooth. Other times, the pains are caused by the infection of the gums (or gingivitis) , or by a trauma or injury that the tooth has suffered. There is another cause of pain in that area, which is often not due to the typical toothache and is sinusitis.

Sinusitis  is inflammation of the sinuses, the bony cavities in the bones of the face around the nose. When the person is healthy, the sinuses are full of moist air, but because of an infection (viral or bacterial) or an allergy, the sinuses can be irritated and inflamed, causing sinusitis. It is recognized by the following symptoms: nasal congestion, headache and there may be inflammation (swelling) under the eyes. It can also cause the maxillary teeth to hurt (the 16 teeth located in the upper jaw) because the roots of these teeth are very close to the maxillary sinuses.

Toothache or sinusitis?

To determine the cause of the toothache, the dentist can perform a percussion test, tapping the surface of each tooth to locate the pain. If the pain is not localized in a given tooth, but extends to several at the same time, then it is a sinusitis.

The treatment of inflammation or infection of the sinuses may consist of nasal drops or sprays, allergy medications and / or antibiotics to relieve and cure sinusitis, depending on the cause. Consequently, it will also improve tooth pain.

A very close relationship

The human body functions as a machinery of many pieces that interact with each other. The good condition or deterioration of one affects the other. And the mouth and the areas of the face that surround it, as you see, are no exception.

Infection of the sinuses or sinusitis has negative effects on the mouth, such as causing pain, making it more difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene, and can cause bad breath . On the other hand, some dental conditions, such as decay, retained or impacted teeth (which can not completely exit through the gum, which are also known as impacted wisdom teeth), and enamel or crown fractures can also worsen congestion of the sinuses.

Good dental health that is maintained on the basis of proper hygiene habits and regular visits to the dentist  are key to avoid tooth decay, gum disease, as well as to correct any condition, such as impacted wisdom teeth  or wear of teeth. crowns, which can cause long-term pain.

Keep in mind that pain is always a warning that there is a problem and you should pay attention to it. If you start to hurt your teeth, remember that it can be due to several causes. To leave doubts, to establish the diagnosis, prevent complications and find the solution, visit your dentist.


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